Royco® 581

Product Description: A convenient CONCENTRAE of an ashless, anti-corrosion additive system and highly refined petroleum base oils that are designed to protect aircraft engines by minimizing the effects of ambient humidity and by neutralizing acidic oxidation/combustion by-products. Easy to dilute for immediate use and uncompromising protection during short to long term storage. This CONCENTRATE has robust design for added use as a preservative for industrial gasoline/ anti-corrosion additive system, industrial gearboxes and machine tools.

Specification: MIL – C– 6529 TYPE 1

NATO Specification: C-608

Joint Service Designation: ZX-21

MIL-SPEC Scope: This specification covers an oil-type corrosion preventive which shall be a satisfactory lubricant for aircraft engines when applied as specified.

Shelf Life:

US Military : Shelf life may be retested to conformance with the applicable specification – at which time the material is reapproved for use for another shelf life period.

  • Commercial: 3 Years

Tariff Code:  2710.19.4000

Lithium Based Grease, Anti-Seize Compound, Semi Fluid Grease, Jet Engine Lubricating OilFluid For piston engines