Royco® 11MS

Product Description: A high load bearing, sliding surface application oriented grease where severe operating conditions include broad temperature ranges and corrosive environments. Designed with exceptional water resistance and load carrying properties make it suitable for use in bogie pivot pins and other landing gear assemblies, actuators, and other airframe applications.

Specification: MIL – G – 7711A

NATO Specification: O-155

Joint Service Designation: AN-0-3


Shelf Life: Shelf life may be retested to conformance with the applicable specification – at which time the material is reapproved for use for another shelf life period.

  • Commercial: 3 Years

Tariff Code: 2710.19.4000

National Stock Number Grade Amount Container
9150-00-180-6381 1.75 lb. Can
9150-00-180-6382 6.5 lb. Can
9150-00-180-6383 35 lb. Can

purpose lubricantpreservative lubricating oil, lithium based grease, anti-seize compound,  semi fluid  grease